Springfield High School - Then and Now

     While in Springfield for the Reunuion on November 3, 2007, my wife and I enjoyed a beautiful autumn Sunday touring the town. After church we went to Washington Park for the noon performance of the bells at the Carillon, follwed by a stop at the War Memorials in Oak Ridge Cemetary. Then we gathered the three yearbooks and drove to SHS. We looked for pictures that showed a view of the school building and then tried to recreate the same view from the same vantage point to get a sort of "then & now" sequence.

SHS Campus
1. A recent aerial view of the SHS Campus. Note the large addition on the north side and the enclosed portion now connecting the main building to the gym - no more foul weather sprints to the band room or gym. Many of the homes on three sides of the campus have been replaced with parking lots and there have been numerous changes in the front landscape.

Bob Dylan said it best..., "For the times they are a-changin!"

SHS - Then & Now
1965, page 162
2. 1965, page 162. Our sophmore class officers. L-R. Treasurer Denise Wilde. Secretary Ellen Dawson. Vice President Henry Carter. President Dan Grebler.
1965, page 162
2a. November 4, 2007
1965, page 173
3. 1965, page 173
1965, page 173
3a. November 4, 2007
1965, page 207
4. 1965, page 207
1965, page 207
4a. November 4, 2007
1966, page 2
5. 1966, page 2
1966, page 2
5a. November 4, 2007
1966, page 5
6. 1966, page 5
1966, page 5
6a. November 4, 2007
1966, page 12
7. 1966, page 12
1966, page 12
7a. November 4, 2007
1967, page 1
8. 1967, page 1
1967, page 1
8a. November 4, 2007. The Carillon at Washington Park.
1967, page 11
9. 1967, page 11
1967, page 11
9a. November 4, 2007
1967, page 13
10. 1967, page 13
1967, page 13
10a. November 4, 2007
1967, page 21
11. 1967, page 21
1967, page 21
11a. November 4, 2007. The area between has been enclosed. See pictures 28 & 29.
1967, page 166
12. 1967, page 166
1967, page 166
12a. November 4, 2007
1967, page 173
13. 1967, page 173
1967, page 173
13a. November 4, 2007
1967, page 233
14. 1967, page 233
1967, page 233
14a. November 4, 2007

More Springfield Then and Now!
Click for the website
Gloria (Jacobs) Deatherage passed along this cool link to a bunch of Springfield memories. Springfield Rewind is a rephotography project focusing on the architecture of historic Springfield. Rephotography is the practice of recreating an older photograph from the same location and angle. This site examines the city's history by comparing vintage photographs with contemporary images shot from the same perspective as that of the original photographer; offering visual tours of our town now and then.

Other views of the SHS Campus
Front View
15. Front view of the school.
Smokers Ally
16. Smokers Ally on the south side.
Historic Marker
17. Historic Marker.
SHS Cornerstone
18. SHS Cornerstone.
19. Art on the front lawn.
North Addition
20. Addition on the north side.

     Thanks to a business trip to Peoria, I had the good fortune of an opportunity to drive down to Springfield and visit the school again on Tuesday, November 13th. Through the kindness of SHS Principal, Mr. Charles Hoots, I was able to take the pictures you see here. Mr. Tom Barnard, Chief Custodian, escorted me on a tour of the school. Tom is a graduate of SHS and has worked at the school for many years. He showed me the many changes and also the many areas that have not changed in 40 years.

     The old wooden seats in the auditorium were just replaced last year. The organ will be refurbished this year. The PRIDE wall in the old boys locker room still bears the names of many of our classmates. The names have never been painted over. I got several pics of the old gym but not the new one. The same cafeteria and kitchen are still being used. I also walked the few blocks to the Armory building hoping to get some "Now" pictures of the auditorium where we held commencement, but the security is tight and I wasn't on the list to get in.

     Although the 40 year brain-drain has left me with all to few memories of the halls and classrooms, the improvements throughout were obvious and great to see. The same old Solon pride and spirit are everywhere evident and the few students I met were polite and courteous - "Mr. Frank" would be proud!

A Few Pictures of Inside the School
21. Entrance to the Principal's Office.
22. Auditorium. The old wooden seats were just replaced in 2006.
23. Auditorium balcony. Sorry for the poor quality on these two; wrong setting on the camera.
24. The main hallway.
25. One of the main staircases. We had lockers set in the alcove under the stairs.
26. The same kitchen.
27. The original walk-in cooler. The school was built around it.
28. Lunchroom. Same floor tile. New tiles added around the pillars.
29. Lunchroom. Air conditioning has been added.
30. The boys locker room.
31. The PRIDE wall in the boys locker room. The names are still there.
32. Names on the PRIDE wall.
33. Names on the PRIDE wall.
34. Names on the PRIDE wall.
35. The old gym.
36. The old gym.
37. The old gym.
38. The enclosed area in front of the new gym. This was the outside area between the buildings back in 1967. The metal stairway in Picture 11 came down about where the two doors are on the left.
39. Another view of the enclosed area in front of the gym. See pictures 11 and 11a. Open door on the right goes back into the old school.
40. Hallway looking from the new north addition and science wing back into the old hallway.
41. The Commons area of the new addition; built on the site of the old tennis courts.

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