Do You Remember?

A bit of SHS Class of 67 Trivia we found on the tables at the 40th reunion. A lot of head-scratching and puzzled looks for this one. Thanks once again to the Reunion Committee for another series of thought provoking stumpers.

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1.  Do you remember the other name for SHS besides the Senators?

2.  Do you remember the name of the Swim Team?

3.  Do you know how many seniors entered their final year?

4.  You probably know who the Homecoming king and queen were (Dave Castleman and Terry Stutler). But do you know who crowned the Homecoming queen?

5.  Do you know the most common name for males and females for the class of 1967?

6.  The Cross-Country squad went to state finals and placed 6th. Do you know who the captain of this squad was?

7.  The wrestling team placed 2nd in the City Tournamant. Do you know who the co-captains were for this team?

8.  The 1967 varsity tennis team was composed mainly of sophmores and juniors, with only two graduating seniors. There was only one girl on this team. Do you know who she was?

9.  On May 20th, 1967 the Senior class held it's Prom and for the first time it was held in the high school's new gymnasium. Do you remember who provided the music?

10.  Prom Queen Sue Rebok was crowned by Rick Plain, Prom Comittee chairman. Do you remember the theme for the Prom?

11.  Did SHS win their homecoming football game?

12.  Who were the co-captains of the football team?

13.  Do you remember who sold doughnuts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings before school?

14.  Who sponsored the donkey basketball game?

15.  Who were the co-captains of the cheerleading squad?

16.  The 1967 basketball team won 3rd place in the State Tournament. It was ranked one of the top 16 teams in the state. Their record for the year was 30-4. Who were the top six men on this team?

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1967 Factoids
1.    Gasoline cost an average of 33 cents a gallon.
2.    The average cost of a car was $2,425.00
3.    The cost of an average home was $24,600.00
4.    Bread cost 22 cents a loaf and a gallon of milk was $1.15.
5.    A postage stamp for first class mail was 5 cents.
6.    The average annual salary was $8,801.00 and the minimum wage was $1.40 per hour.
7.    The Academy Award for best picture in 1967 was In the Heat of the Night starring Rod Steiger and Sidney Portier.
8.    Our President was Lyndon Baines Johnson.
9.    Amana introduced the first compact microwave oven for home use.
10.  Elvis Presley & Priscilla Beaulieu marry in Las Vegas.
11.  Dr. Christian Barnard performs the first human heart transplant.
12.  Twiggy, a British model takes the U. S. fashion by storm.
13.  The St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series defeating the Boston Red Sox 4-3.
SHS Class of 67 Factoids
1.  Do you remember the invites and street dances?
2.  Remember when the new gym was completed? We finally got to use it the last semester of the school year.
3.  The baseball team at SHS ended the season as District Champions.
4.  The girl's track team placed 1st in several events in the annual girl's track meet.
5.  February 19, 1967 marked the Golden Anniversary of Springfield High School.
6.  At 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 1, 1967 Commencement services for the SHS Class of 1967 were held at the Illinois State Armory. Class President Andrew Clements presided.

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Answers to the Trivia Questions.
1.    Solons
2.    The Tankers
3.    Approximately 650
4.    Don Davenport
5.    John for males and Linda for females
6.    Rex Kenyon
7.    Jim Flemming and Don Winch
8.    Michelle Golding
9.    The Gadabouts
10.  Gone With The Wind
11.  Yes, they beat Mattoon with a score of 13-6. This was also the 5th consecutive Homecoming victory.
12.  Stewart Buecker and Allen Cassidy
13.  Les Bas
14.  The Key Club
15.  Betsy Blanchard and Ginny Rodger
16.  Tom Langford, Mark Stoddart, Dave Robisch, Mark Ryan & Don Byram

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